Workload Reps Training and Workload Campaign Meeting: Monday Nov 5

As part of the next steps in our Workload Campaign, we are holding a training session and campaign meeting on the afternoon of Monday 5th November.

For the training session, Adam Lincoln from UCU Head Office in London will be coming to Cardiff to run a half-day introduction to the role of the workload rep., and how we can use our rights as trade unionists (particularly under Health and Safety legislation) to take action in support of manageable workloads. The training will provide you with the skills and information needed to help us take the next step in our campaign to take back our time.

We will follow this with a Campaign Meeting, to plan the next steps of our workload campaign here in Cardiff. After the meeting we would like to encourage everyone who can (& would like to!) to join us in going for a drink and/or some food locally.

Both events will take place on Monday Nov 5:

  • Training session: 12pm-3pm (with lunch provided)
  • Campaign Meeting: 3:30pm-5pm

If you are interested in attending but have not yet put your name forward, please email the branch office at¬†and let us know for catering purposes. If you are interested but can’t attend on this occasion let us know, we will hold further events in the future.