Critically Examining Cardiff University’s Finances: A New local UCU working group needs you!

One of the Union’s biggest strengths during the pensions dispute came from rank and file members’ own critical examination of USS and UUK’s positions on our pensions. Members locally, and at UK level, continue to use their expertise as researchers to effectively demolish the case for decimating our retirement incomes.

We now need to draw on our members’ expertise around the University’s finances, business strategies, and spending priorities.

Our employers get away with redundancies, increased marketisation, inequality, casualisation, and cuts to pay and conditions by arguing they are financially inevitable. But as we know, cuts are always about priorities and choices, and we can much better counter these claims when we have our own facts, figures, and analysis to use in disputes and campaigns.

In short, knowledge is power: help us generate this essential information! If you’d like to be part of this working group please email to express an interest.