As well as negotiating and bargaining on your terms and conditions nationally and locally, UCU can help you individually if you have a problem at work.

The branch has a team of caseworkers who are available to advise and represent UCU members with issues relating to your employment at Cardiff University.

Cardiff UCU caseworkers are paid employees of the University and members of UCU. They undertake casework on a voluntary basis and receive training and support within the branch and from Regional Office. The team is led by the branch Casework Co-Ordinator, Laurence Totelin, who is also a longstanding caseworker.

Caseworkers are drawn from across the University, from Academic and Professional Services staff. You will be allocated a caseworker from a different School/Department from your own, and your case will be dealt with confidentially.

The caseworker will talk to you about your situation and your options. Sometimes this is as far as it goes. If you want to pursue the matter, the caseworker will help you do this and will accompany or represent you at meetings if you wish them to do so.

If you need legal advice, you need to request this through UCU Regional Office and your caseworker will tell you how to do this. Please be aware that there are strict time limits for pursuing legal claims and you should contact us without delay.

If you want to discuss a situation at work, please call the branch office on 029 2087 4443 (or extn 74443). The branch can then, if appropriate, allocate you a caseworker. You will be asked to complete a Casework Request Form for this.

Alternatively, if you already know that you need a caseworker, you can download the form. Please complete sections 1 and 2 and return it to the UCU Branch Administrator/Organiser, Sally Buffard, in the branch office at You can also use this email address to contact Sally with general workplace concerns.

You will find quite a lot of information and advice about problems at work on the “Getting Support” page of the national UCU website. As a UCU member, you can also get support from the Education Support Partnership which runs a telephone helpline – 0800 0562 5610 – to help people deal with stress and anxiety, bullying, career and money worries, and a range of other issues.