About the Branch

Cardiff UCU is the representative voice for academic and academic-related staff, including postgraduates, at Cardiff University.  We are affiliated to the Cardiff Trades Council and we work in solidarity with other trade unions in Cardiff, including the other recognized trade unions representing Cardiff University colleagues who are not academics or academic-related: Unite and Unison.  

 Each Cardiff UCU member is currently represented by the collective strength of hundreds of other co-workers. 

We strive to be a diverse, anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-ableist and democratic organisation. Our branch rules can be found here.   

Cardiff University management has the duty to consult and negotiate with the campus unions on issues such as:  

  • pay and grading
  • restructuring 
  • redundancy 

UCU can also bring any issues that affect your workplace to the Joint Consultative and Negotiating Forum (JNCF), which is the main forum of negotiation between unions and university management and meets at least three times a year. 

This means that, as a UCU member, you have a say on these negotiations as well as on the branch priorities, our campaigns,  and any other issues that affect your workplace and you wish to raise with the union. You can also request individual union support through casework.  

Please always ensure your membership details are up to date and that you subscribe to our news bulletin, which is our main means of communication with members.


UCU members who work for Cardiff University elect a branch executive committee every year at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in May. The executive committee meets every month and conducts the day-to-day business of the branch; it consults with members every three months at the General Meetings (GM), open to all members. Extraordinary (or Emergency) General Meetings can be called by the executive committee if there is a need to consult members on any topic that is time-sensitive. General Meetings of all members are the primary decision-making mechanism for the branch. Members are encouraged to submit motions to the GMs on issues they would like the union to take action. The term of office is for one year from 1 September. The elected members of the executive committee 2023/24 can be found here.

It really matters that the committee is broadly representative of all of us at the university, both in who we are and our job roles at the university.  

If you’re interested in getting involved and would like to know more, please get in touch with the branch president or any of the current committee members. You don’t need any particular skills or experience to be on the committee – the important thing is that the committee is a good representation of the whole membership.  


Nominations open in March or early April for all the elected committee roles for the following academic year. Nominations for all committee positions must be sent to the branch administrator by the end of the day before the AGM. The deadline for nominations for the 2024-2025 academic year will likely be in March 2024.