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Well done for deciding to join your trade union. Only you and your work colleagues together can ensure your working environment is fair and able to meet your needs.

Click here to complete the online form and become a member of Cardiff UCU.

Alternatively, please contact the Cardiff UCU office to obtain further information an request an application form. If your role at Cardiff University is not academic-related, UNITE or UNISON will be better suited to represent your interests.


Studies show that workplaces with a strong union presence have lower injury rates, higher wages, and more extensive fringe benefits, among others. A strong union presence depends on you.The right to unionise was not handed to workers by employers or governments, it was demanded by workers through struggle and fight, with severe personal consequences, including lives lost. Since legally established, trade unions have considerably improved workplaces through achievements such as the introducing safety standards, minimum wage, maximum working hours, 5-day working week, paid annual leave, sick leave and parental leave, and pension provision – many of these rights are under threat in the current gig-economy already affecting universities.

UCU membership advantages include:

  • UCU – your voice for university academic and academic-related staff
    Our union fees contribute to representation at a local and national level on professional and educational issues, influencing public debate on Higher Education through parliamentary lobbying and the national media and negotiating on wages and conditions. The more members we have, the stronger our voice and the more influence we can exert.
  • UCU – your voice at Cardiff University
    Here at Cardiff UCU we represent the collective interests of all our members and exert influence on University decision-making. We work closely with other campus trade unions where appropriate and constantly seek to improve current conditions.
  • UCU – your support at work
    Our union also offers members a comprehensive advice and support service. Issues at work need not be faced alone; our members have access to advice and representation provided by our local association, with additional support from the UCU’s regional and national resources, including access to the best legal advice available.
  • UCU – training and development
    All UCU members are entitled to attend union training courses.

Join Cardiff UCU today – a union is only as strong as its membership. If you want to have a say about your workplace, then join us and get active.

You can cancel your membership whenever you like by cancelling your payments and letting us know but please avoid treating the union membership as a service that you leave as soon as you’ve received support or as soon as you’re unhappy about something. It’s important that members stay members for as long as possible—you are the union and the union is its membership, without members and the dues payments, there is no union.


The subscriptions below are valid between 1 September 2020 to 31 August 2021. Employment income band is before tax. Part-time staff pay pro-rata. The political fund is included by default, but members can opt-out.

Standard members:

National UCU subscription rates for UCU members to 31 August 2021
Employment income band (excluding London Weighting) Including political fund (per month) Excluding political fund (per month)
£60,000 & above (F0) £31.27 £31.00
£40,000 – £59,999 (F1) £27.64 £27.41
£30,000 – £39,999 (F2) £24.35 £24.15
£22,000 – £29,999 (F3) £20.88 £20.71
£15,000 – £21,999 (F4) £12.45 £12.35
£5,000 – £14,999 (F5) £4.71 £4.67
Below £5,000 (F6) £1.00 £0.99

 Postgraduate members:

UCU’s ‘student membership’ category is open to students training to teach in post-school education, including PGCE students. If you are a postgraduate student at a university or HE college and are planning a career in higher education (but are not an employed postgraduate student) you are also eligible for student membership. This category of membership is free while you complete your studies.

If you are an enrolled PhD student who is also contracted to teach at the higher education institution at which you are registered for your PhD studies, we offer free membership for up to four years. Standard Free membership is not designed for existing staff who subsequently register for a PhD where they work.

Retired/Attached members:

The rate for retired and attached members for 2020/21 is £4.36 per month (£4.34 excluding the political fund). Attached unemployed members seeking employment are entitled to a free membership for one year from date of becoming an attached member.