Further response to UEB regarding MAB deductions

We sent our first letter to UEB about deductions and strike action at the end of May. We received a response early in June.

The response once again raises the issue of the national nature of the dispute, despite the strike days being called in response to local decisions.

There is a PDF version of this letter.

8th June 2023

Dear UEB,

Thank you for your reply to our letter dated 25th May 2023 regarding the upcoming local industrial action on our dispute related to pay deductions for members participating in the marking and assessment boycott.

In line with what we discussed at the JCNF yesterday, it is clear to us that these deductions are punitive in nature, not least in terms of the timings at which deductions start, and we would appreciate if UEB were prepared to negotiate with us a solution that feels more in line with the good relations between management and the unions and also with staff as a whole that you claim to foster.

As we pointed out, the dispute on pay and working conditions is a national one on which our Vice-Chancellor has a say. Therefore, we urge him to follow the examples of Vice-Chancellors at a growing number of other institutions and call on UCEA to re- enter negotiations with UCU on working conditions and pay, so that we can settle the national dispute.

More relevant to this communication, we would like to clarify that the negotiation we are requesting relates to local decisions on pay deductions and to avoid strike action planned locally, including during graduation, in response to these deductions. We are prepared to call off the local strikes if a fairer and more proportionate approach is taken regarding our salary deductions and we are also prepared to escalate them if the current is maintained.

As such, we request again for UEB to meet with Cardiff UCU to avoid further disruption to our students, namely during graduation and clearing, which are key events for the institution.

Yours sincerely,
Cardiff UCU Executive Committee