University response to letter on MAB deductions

The branch wrote to the University on the 25th May regarding deductions and the calling of strike action in response to these deductions and the University’s unwillingness to negotiate.

This is the text of the response that we received from the University. You can view the original reply in PDF form, too.

We have written to the University again to ask for negotiations over the MAB deductions.

2 June 2023

Dear Cardiff UCU Executive Committee

We write in response to your letter of 25 May 2023 regarding the forthcoming UCU strike action, which we note will take place as follows:

• 5 Strike days during our graduation week 17-21 July 2023
• 5 Strike days during confirmation and clearing 14-18 August 2023
• 5 Strike days during Welcome week 25 – 29 September 2023

We are of course deeply disappointed that Cardiff UCU have chosen to take this further action given the continuing disruption from the marking and assessment boycott to our students. It is also concerning that this action not only impacts on key events during our students ’University experience, but also targets activities which contribute to the financial sustainability of the University with the potential to impact staff and students not only now but in the future.

Whilst we are deeply concerned about this action, our position remains unchanged. We have been clear throughout that this institution rejects partial performance and that it is our policy to withhold pay from staff who participate in industrial action. We have always reserved the right to withhold 100% of pay from any member of staff who participates either in strike action or action short of a strike that breaches their contract of employment. This has been clearly communicated to staff and to UCU in our previous correspondence. Our policy reflects the legal position and is in response to action that may seriously compromise our students’ futures. It is simply not accurate to depict our approach as punitive. We have no choice but to fulfil our obligation to protect our students, and we do so in a form that has been adopted by most of the sector.

We do value harmonious industrial relations and recognise that we both find ourselves in this difficult position because of national matters. Since the dispute is a national one, we call upon Cardiff UCU to withdraw this local action so that we can continue to work together for the good of Cardiff staff and students.

Yours sincerely
University Executive Board