Workload Allocation Model (WAM):

Still on the theme of Time Theft, our workload representative Martin Weinel attended the latest Workload Allocation Model (WAM) Governance Group meeting, at which Colleges’ Pro-Vice-Chancellors (PVCs) provided feedback on the state of workload data.

The PVC for the College of Biomedical and Life Sciences admitted that there are problems in collating data, ensuring equal workloads and sharing workload data with members of staff, but he indicated that staff ought to have their own workload data and at least some indication of what the average workload is in their School.

The PVCs for the College of Physical Sciences and Engineering and for the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences claimed that every single member of academic staff covered by WAMs will have been given their own workload data and at least an average Workload value for their School.

Could you please take a few seconds of your time to answer five ‘yes or no questions’ letting us know the situation in your Schools? Please click here to access the questions. Thank you.