Proposal from Vice-Chancellor regarding deductions, Friday 15th September 2023

Here is the message branch negotiators, Joey Whitfield, Lucy Riglin and Sandy Gould received from Wendy Larner, Vice-Chancellor, after a negotiation meeting on the 13th September 2023. We responded to this letter on the 18th September 2023.

Dear Joey, Lucy and Sandy,

Thank you for our meeting yesterday which I appreciated and found helpful. I look forward to working together in the future.  As discussed, we have a lot in common, including our commitment to, and ambition for our University. I hope that we can continue to engage in this same way with respect, honesty and integrity.  

Having reflected on the matters raised, I would like to offer the following proposal which I hope you will find agreeable. 

For those staff who remained on MAB until its cessation, the University will not make any deductions for MAB participation taken after 1 August 2023, subject to staff members fully re-engaging in and prioritising marking duties, with all marking completed and in Sims by 6 October 2023 at the latest. This proposal is also subject to UCU Cardiff withdrawing all further Strike Days under the current mandate with immediate effect.  

I hope you will agree that this offer is a constructive and balanced approach. 

If Cardiff UCU agree to this proposal, relevant staff will be contacted via their Heads of Schools to confirm arrangements and our Payroll team will be advised to cease deductions. 

I recognise that this has been a difficult period for us all and I know that feelings on MAB run very deep, however I very much hope that this offer will enable us to focus on our local positive relations.

I know that you have a meeting scheduled for this afternoon and would be most grateful if you could confirm your decision by midday, Monday 18th September.

Kind regards,

Professor Wendy Larner