Picket Locations and Supervisors

To contact your picket supervisor, please send a text to +44 7527 703597

Corbett Rd Entrance (SHARE & ENCAP) – Phil Parkes and Andreas Buerky

Queen’s Buildings (PHSYX) – Patrick Sutton and Christopher North

Glamorgan Building (SOCSCI & GEOPL) – Siôn Jones, Finn Bowring, Dean Stroud and Anthony Ince

Park Place outside the School of Psychology (PSYCH) – Marc Buehner and Sofia Gameiro

Park Place outside the Law Building (LAWPL) – Elisa Wynne-Hughes

Front Abacws building (COMSC) – Martin Caminada 

Back Abacws building (MATHS) – Dafydd Evans

Park Place outside the school of Modern Languages – Joey Whitfield

Corner of Park Place with Column Rd (CARBS) – Sarah Jenkins

Allensbank Rd (Heath Campus) – Paul Brennan

Main Building (McKenzie House, BIOSI, CHEMY and ELP, plus extras from other schools) – Rob Thomas 

Central Square (JOMEC) – Carrie Westwater