Letter to UEB regarding MAB, 4th July 2023

This letter was sent to UEB on the 4th July June 2023 and continued a chain of prior correspondence.

The original letter, sent as a PDF is also available.

Dear Cardiff University Executive Board,

Thank you for your letter of the 4th July regarding the status of the marking and assessment boycott (MAB). 

You have said that you “remain willing to engage in further discussions on how we can work together”. It is clear from our conversations and your letters that you want the MAB to be called off and for staff to get work marked. 

You have been less forthcoming about what you can do to address the concerns of staff who are taking action and those other staff and students who support them in doing so. Agreeing a joint letter to UCEA and UCU would be a quick, simple, and easy way to move this national dispute closer to resolution and would be a timely reminder to members that you are taking their concerns seriously. You have repeatedly declined to do this. Please could you explain your reservations about doing so? 

It is not obvious what else you can do to address the concerns of staff who are taking action beyond agreeing to such a joint letter. If you have constructive ideas for other ways of moving the dispute closer to resolution that you would like to communicate to us, then we are available to meet with you. 


Cardiff UCU