Where’s Colin? Q&A with the Cardiff VC

Your Cardiff UCU reps are incredibly proud of how the branch has responded to the perfect storm of problems for HE workers with such lively, positive, and feisty picket lines, rallies, and other strike events!

We’ve heard each other’s stories, we laughed, we’ve cried, and we’ve sustained each other in righteous anger and scathing critique of our sub-standard pay and conditions.

But one question has echoed around the windswept streets of Cardiff this week, voiced by members, students, journalists, and supporters: But where are our senior managers, and, more specifically, where’s our VC Colin Riordan?

Some VCs across the UK have joined staff on the pickets, and even come out in support of UCU’s aims on USS pensions. Prof Riordan is nowhere to be seen.

We think Colin deserves to hear from his staff, and to answer our urgent and pressing questions about pensions, pay, casualization, workload, and pay equality. So, Cardiff UCU’s strike committee have invited him to a public Question and Answer session with staff and students (along the lines of the one we held during the USS Strikes in 2018) at 1pm on Tuesday 3rd December (venue TBA).

If you’d like to see him attend this event, and answer to staff, please contact him on v-c@cardiff.ac.uk.

If you have short, snappy, questions you’d like to ask the VC please submit them to us or tweet them @cardiffucu (including your name and a contact phone number).