Workload Campaign

Reducing excessive workloads is one of Cardiff UCU’s priorities. The Workload Working Group meets regularly and is led by Martin Weinel. Email to find out more about how you can get involved. This page is a work in progress and we aim to add more information and materials here throughout the 2023-24 academic year.

Watch a seminar about institutional ‘time theft’ here.

Work-related stress and workload

We know that work-related stress is one of the biggest issues faced by workers at the moment, and that mental ill-health is disproportionately suffered by workers in the education sector. In Higher Education, staff are working an average of two unpaid days per week. This represents a significant health and safety hazard in the workplace, as stress can have major impacts on physical and mental health. Read our leaflet with more info: click here to download in English; click here to download in Welsh.

Workload Allocation 2023-24

Staff on T&R and T&S contracts should have a workload allocation from the beginning of September 2023. We are suggesting that staff find out if their allocation is available and if not, email your Head of School with the template text below. You can also ask for this to be sent on your behalf – email to request this.

  1. Access the Workload Allocation System directly or via the Intranet’s online tools page (
  2. Log into the system using your staff user name and login
  3. Search for your initial allocation for the 2023/24 academic year
  4. If there is nothing displayed, send a standardised email to your HoS using the template below:

Dear [name],

According to the University Workload Modelling Policy, academic staff on T&R and T&S contracts should be able to access their initial workload allocation for the current academic year at the beginning of the new academic year (beginning of September). According to the record on the system, I have not yet received mine and as such I am requesting the following information:

i) When I can expect to receive this, noting that 4 weeks is the reasonable timeline given in the guidance for staff to review and feed back on workload allocation;

ii) An explanation for why I did not receive this at the start of the academic year.

Kind regards,