Update on our discussions with management about “Transforming Cardiff”

The work of our finance group has generated lots of questions and data which undermines Cardiff’s rationale for its planned swingeing cuts. We’ve repeatedly asked for the University Executive Board and others to engage with us on these figures, and give us answers to our many questions.

Along with the other trade unions and the Students’ Union we will be meeting with UEB and members of council and pushing for information, clarity, and action around the following points:

  • The real causes of the financial situation at Cardiff University
  • Likely impact of VSS, and other potential job losses, on workload, health and safety, income generation capability and student experience
  • Current and future impact of the massive public bond the University took out in 2016 to finance building projects, and its capital investment strategy in general
  • Alternative approaches to “Transforming Cardiff”
  • The role of UEB and governing bodies in getting us in this mess in the first place (we’ve argued for a while now, based on the evidence we’ve generated, that mis-management got us here, not just external factors.