Cardiff UCU’s statement of support and solidarity with Black, Asian and minority ethnic members

We send our solidarity from UCU to the Black, Asian and minority ethnic members of our union throughout this action and beyond.  The industrial action that we are taking together is aimed at resolving problems that impact our Black, Asian and minority ethnic members often more acutely.  Some of us research and teach about the inequalities in society based on race, but it is interesting that often we do little to address that very inequality in our own communities and we even maintain it through our own processes and culture.

You will know there are data (e.g. UCU, HEA, NUS, UUK) that show inequality in university working conditions for Black, Asian and minority ethnic members in terms of workload, precarity, recruitment, pay gaps, promotion, and disciplinary processes.  Of course, all of these affect the career choices we have and create ongoing wellbeing issues for our Black, Asian and minority ethnic members as well as impact on the pension that will support that person at the end a career of working hard.

We also recognise that these lead to unequal conditions that impact the learning environment for our students and again we have data that show the disproportionate effect on Black, Asian and minority ethnic students, of which the awarding gap (UUK, NUS) is an example. Black, Asian and minority ethnic international students are seen as an important income generator for the university, but they are not being providing with the education and ability to challenge this inequality.

We at Cardiff UCU are starting work with other unions both on campus and across the nation, with Wales TUC to take actions as recommended in their Anti Racist toolkit and with the Senedd on its aspiration to be becoming an anti-Racist Wales.

Cardiff UCU’s statement of support and solidarity with disabled members

We are striking due to a continuing battle over pensions, pay, and working conditions. 

The University is failing everyone, but it is especially failing our disabled workforce. 

The UCU campaigns to highlight the disadvantages faced by disabled people and the barriers and challenges they face in joining our workforce and reaching their potential in the workplace. 

Only a small percentage of our workforce have declared a disability and even fewer have positions in senior positions. 

UCU campaigns to educate, change attitudes and perceptions and raise awareness of disability issues to enable everyone to access jobs, buildings, and services. 

We are all struggling with the cost-of living crisis, but the crisis is felt more by disabled people as they typically require more heating and transport, for example, often on lower pay. 

The UCU works with our members to conduct risk assessments, to negotiate the complaints procedure where necessary and addresses issues of physical and digital inaccessibility. Amongst many issues, it campaigns for flexible working hours, to close the disability pay gap and achieve reasonable adjustments to remove or reduce disadvantage. 

We work to address society’s inequalities, barriers and stereotypes that creates discrimination and oppresses disabled people.