Your colleagues need you! (Part II): Nominations for branch exec positions

In a very real sense the Union is powered by its members, and is only as effective if an active, informed, and engaged membership steps up to fill the voluntary posts which keep our Union going.

The Cardiff branch Executive Committee co-ordinates the work of the branch between general meetings, negotiating with management, planning strategy, and generally keeping the show on the road. And we could use your help!

Nominations for next year’s Branch executive committee are now open. There are a range of officer positions and 10 ordinary member roles which allow you to ease in gently and make a valuable contribution to the Branch however big or small.

Nominees would be taking up the role in October, and time is allowed for the work through our facilities agreement with the University.

Have a word with any current member of the exec if you’d like to know more about what’s involved, and then download your nomination paper.

Nominations close on Weds 13 Feb at 4pm.