Executive Committee

Executive Officers 2019 – 2020

President: Ryan Prout

Vice President:  Rowan Campbell

Vice President: Paul Brennan

Chair: Chris Graves

Treasurer: Phil Parkes

Secretary: Simon Wood

  • Department: College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Telephone ext: 70944
  • Email: WoodSN2@cardiff.ac.uk

Membership/Recruitment Secretary: Luzia Dominguez

Equality and Diversity Officer: Abyd Quinn Aziz

Anti-Casualisation Officer: Renata Medeiros Mirra

Health & Safety Officer: Andy Skyrme

Learning Representative: Jess Phillips

Pensions Officer: Dave Atkins

Environmental Officer: Paul Rock

Media and Communications Officer: Andy Williams

Staff Wellbeing Officer: Nick Russell

Disability Representative: Irina Erchova

LGBT Officer: Clea Rees

NEC Member

Ryan Prout

Committee Members 2019 – 2020

Colin Berry

Marc Buehner

Thanasi Hassoulas

Esther Muddiman

Nicky Priaulx

Lucy Riglin

Steven Stanley

Patrick Sutton

Laurence Totelin

Martin Weinel

Chris Yewlett (Retired)

Negotiating Committee

The following members of the executive committee comprise the negotiating committee:

  • Paul Brennan;
  • Rowan Campbell;
  • Chris Graves;
  • Renata Medeiros Mirra;
  • Ryan Prout;
  • Lucy Riglin;
  • Nick Russell;
  • Paul Rock;
  • Andy Skyrme;
  • Martin Weinel.