Support for survivors of sexual harassment at Cardiff University Branch Motion 

The executive notes: 

  1. UCU’s commitment to eradicating sexual harassment in HE and FE, and its setting up of a helpline for survivors of sexual harassment.  
  1. The fact that many UCU branches are creating named contact(s) for sexual harassment cases and adopting the model UCU policy ( 
  1. That the prevalence of sexual harassment in HE was highlighted in a recent series of Al-Jazeera Podcasts, Degrees of Abuse,
  1. That few of the branch’s caseworkers are trained in how to deal with cases of sexual harassment, especially where supporting survivors is concerned. 

The executive resolves: 

  1. To adopt UCU’s policy on Dealing with Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, to communicate this to the membership through the newsletter. 
  1. To recruit at least two named contacts who can advise survivors of sexual harassment. These contacts will be encouraged to attend the three-day training on Challenging Sexual Harassment in the Workplace (–7-14-March-2022-online-Yorkshire–Humber) 
  1. To offer local, less extensive training on challenging sexual harassment to all members of the executive committee, all departmental representatives, and all caseworkers, as well as to any other interested member of the branch.