Suggested template answers if members are asked by management about the impacts of strike action

  • Questions regarding missed teaching content:
    • “Teaching and other duties due to take place on strike days have been disrupted.”
  • Questions regarding whether materials have been made available to students or not:
    • “National UCU advises members not to reschedule lectures or classes cancelled due to strike action nor to share materials related to lectures or classes that have been cancelled as a result of strike action.”
  • Questions regarding impacts on learning outcomes or the need for changes in assessment:
    • “Strike action is likely to have caused disruption to students’ learning. A full determination of how is not possible at this point without significant additional labour on our part that would go against our current ‘action short of a strike’.”
  • If asked for any further information you think may be useful
    • [Do not provide any information beyond what you were directly asked]