Return to Campus Survey:

We recently surveyed members on their feelings towards working on campus in various contexts. 285 members responded. In summary, we found:


212 members (74%) do not feel safe to return to working on campus.

188 (65%) do not think it is safe to deliver face-to-face teaching on campus.

194 (68%) do not agree teaching staff should deliver face-to-face teaching for students, even if this teaching could be delivered online.

149 (52%) disagree it is safe for staff to provide professional services support on campus.

Members have mixed views on whether it is safe for staff to conduct research on campus.


We found that, when it comes to return to campus working, members:


  • Are concerned about health, family and community
  • Question current adjustments and their feasibility
  • Think teaching online is a good alternative to face-to-face teaching in the current climate
  • Lack confidence in the management


Find the brief report of the survey findings, here.