Request for evidence on workload

In January 2021, the three campus trade unions will meet with senior managers in the context of a so-called Joint Partnership Workshop that is supposed to improve the workload situation in the University. While there is ample evidence that workload is an issue and has been so for several years – successive staff surveys bear this out, for example – there is very little evidence that senior managers in this University understand the issues or care enough to do something about them. This survey is intended to improve the evidence-base that we can take into the workload workshop.

Fully recognising the irony of asking you to give up your precious time, we have tried to keep it as simple and as brief as possible. Most questions just require choosing an option or ticking a box, although we have also provided optional opportunities to give us more feedback. It should take less than 10 minutes to complete the survey. Your contribution is entirely anonymous (we ask you some questions about work context at the end) as we will not record any personal information and only aggregated results will be communicated to senior management.

To start, simply follow this link:

Please feel free to pass this link on to non-unionised colleagues as we would like to collect as many responses as possible. The survey is open until 18 December 2020.