Letter to Vice-Chancellor about Industrial Action, January 2023

Update: The branch has received a reply from the Vice-Chancellor.

Dear Vice-Chancellor,

UCU have notified the university of significant industrial action. In this context, the university community will wish to know what your position is in relation to the disputes over pay and conditions on the one hand, and pensions on the other. UCU’s position in relation to pay and conditions is outlined here (https://www.ucu.org.uk/media/12528/HE-unions-claim-2022-23/pdf/TUJNCHESclaim202223FINAL.pdf) and on pensions, it is that benefits must be restored to 2021 levels and that all future valuations are evidence-based and moderately prudent.

Previously, we have issued a joint statement (https://www.cardiff.ac.uk/media/media-statements/cardiff-university-and-cardiff-ucu-joint-statement-on-uss) on USS and the agreement reached in May 2022 covered a statement of the university’s position on pay and conditions, including your representation to UCEA and our representation to central UCU, urging both parties to adopt a flexible approach to reach a meaningful and sustainable solution for all parties.

These statements acknowledge your active role in these disputes and highlight your commitment to protect staff pensions and working conditions. Under the current cost of living crisis where our pay is losing more value than ever and following the most recent USS surplus announcements, we therefore hope your position to be broadly sympathetic to UCU’s demands of restoring our pensions and receiving a meaningful pay rise. We believe it would be expedient to publish your position in these disputes (including what your positions within UCEA and UUK are) at the earliest opportunity in order to clarify what you are prepared to do to contribute to a speedy resolution of the dispute and the avoidance of immense disruption to the university and to our students. 

We would also welcome the opportunity to discuss these issues with you in an open meeting where all staff can be present as observers for full transparency on the issues surrounding the strike action.

Kind regards,

Cardiff UCU Chair

Cardiff UCU co-VPs