Cardiff Trades Council Protest & People’s Assembly Zero Covid campaign for Wales:

Trade Unions and political organisations including People’s Assembly and People Before Profit have been organising protests, petitions, workshops and other events across the UK in response to the pandemic. We urge members to support these when possible.


Last Saturday, the Cardiff Trades Council organised a protest outside Cardiff Castle against real term wages cuts in the public sector, which included a speaker from our branch.


People’s Assembly Wales is running a Zero Covid campaign and has organized a petition to the Welsh Government that you can sign here.  

With cases in Wales still on the rise and already higher than before the firebreak lockdown, this petition urges the Welsh Government to implement an effective lockdown that includes:

1) Stopping all classroom or F2F teaching in schools and universities during the lockdown;
2) Protection of jobs and incomes (including furlough and support for the self-employed) until there is a downward trend in cases;

3) Demanding funding from Westminster to enable Welsh Government to provide this protection;
4) Using the time gained to build effective Find, Test, Trace, Isolate, Support across the whole of Wales.