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Demand for caseworkers for UCU members remains high. What is particularly noticeable is the number of complaints about the unfair use of fixed-term contracts, zero-hours or nearly-zero hours contracts; reports of bullying; and continuing concern over access to the occupational health service. If you are experiencing any workplace issue that is concerning you, we encourage you to get in touch with Sally in the UCU office on sally.buffard@onmicrosoft.ucu.org.uk to discuss it. She can arrange for a caseworker to assist you if you need support. The caseworker will be another UCU member employed by the University, from a different School or Directorate.

If you feel you would like to help by volunteering to join our casework team, please email the office on ucu@cardiff.ac.uk

Appeal for volunteer case workers: Your colleagues need YOU!

All union branches are powered by oodles of “unseen” voluntary work carried out by branch officers and active members. In this very real sense the Union is powered by its members, and is only as effective as its membership is active, informed, and engaged.

Case work is one of the most important, but least appreciated, examples of this invisible Union work. It involves representing and supporting individuals or groups of members experiencing difficulties in their jobs.

The Cardiff UCU Case Work team is always very busy, but it is currently going through a big spike in demand – made even worse by the current (and unnecessary) “Transforming Cardiff” cuts.

  • If you have previously done Case Work at Cardiff or one of your other workplaces, and don’t currently, please consider volunteering again now;
  • If you’ve never done case work but would consider volunteering to help out with this extremely good, and often very rewarding, job please get in touch (ucu@cardiff.ac.uk)

You can find out more on the national UCU site about what case work involves, and how it’s done. If you volunteer, you will not be sent into the field unsupported, and the union has excellent training which prepares you very well.