Update on Health & Safety:

In our last meetings with management, we insisted organisation at School level needs to be improved to ensure consultation is taking place for all buildings.

We currently do not have enough evidence that buildings are safe and we are still awaiting answers to some of our questions regarding safe re-opening of buildings.

We do not know under which conditions the sports facilities and other specific places have been re-opened. If you have any information, get in touch with us.

Management have assured us that vulnerable staff with concerns will be supported, and if this does not happen, these staff should report to Cardiff UCU.

Any health and safety issues our members identify as problematic, we want to hear from you.

We also encourage our members to ensure a UCU rep is on the Health and Safety Committee for your workplace. Discuss with your UCU dep rep and colleagues the potential health and safety risks in your building. Discuss your health and safety concerns with colleagues in UCU, Unison and Unite, as well as non-union members.

University management have devolved decision-making on health and safety to school-level, so it is important our UCU members and reps take the initiative for the safe re-opening of their particular building.

If you need support or guidance, please be in touch with us.