Solidarity and Wider Campaigns (March 31st 2021):

1. Support Independent Media

Independent media platforms are increasingly important as mainstream media becomes more dependent on political and economic powers. is a media platform giving voice to workers in Wales and the people and topics often ignored or misrepresented by mainstream media. has covered UCU disputes and issues faced by Cardiff University staff many times, including twice this year. Please consider supporting them by subscribing to their website:


2. British Gas 

British Gas is forcing its workers to accept a 15% pay cut, on top of worsening terms and conditions, or face getting the sack. British Gas workers have been striking for weeks about this, but you wouldn’t know it from looking at the news. The more companies get away with putting the brunt of the pandemic onto the workers, the bigger the post-pandemic crisis will be. Please help their action by signing a petition against making workers choose between accepting a 15% pay cut or losing their jobs and by sharing their struggle widely.