Internal Communications Staff Survey:

The University management has shared the results of the staff survey on the intranet. While management highlighted the three most positive results (including that 58% of staff reporting feeling that UEB is transparent in its communications) we would like to point out to the less positive results that feed into some of the concerns we have been raising for a long time and point to a leadership crisis that should be properly acknowledged and addressed by UEB:

  • 39% of staff feels more engaged with the University and its leaders this year compared to the last;
  • 40% of staff agree that the UEB have listened and responded to their views;
  • 45% agree that senior College leaders provide effective leadership;

We urge UEB to effectively engage with UCU and the other unions to improve this. In particular to take seriously the concerns we raise in the name of our members, such as the current concerns on the safety and coercion to work in campus, instead of rebutting them on the basis of lack of knowledge if those concerns have not been raised through the University managerial mechanisms.