Consider Standing for Senate or Court: Have your say in running the University!

There are a number of vacancies on Senate, to which it is essential we nominate UCU members for election so our perspectives get aired and considered at the highest level. Details are below, and UCU members tend to meet and confer in advance of meetings. If you are considering standing and would like to discuss it, or need somebody to propose or second your nomination, please email Nominations close at noon on 26 June.

There are vacancies for a Senate term up to 31 July 2022 for members of staff:

  • at grade 5 and above – but excluding Professors – who work in a School or College of the University (excluding Architecture, Biosciences, Medicine, Psychology or Social Sciences which already have the maximum 2 representatives).
  • who are Professors (but who don’t work in Biosciences, Engineering, English Communication & Philosophy, History Archeology & Religion, Mathematics, Music, Optometry or Psychology which already have the maximum 1 representative).
  • at grade 5 and above from the Professional Services directorates (excluding Human Resources, Research and Innovation or IT and Programme Management which already have the maximum 1 representative).

There are also vacancies for staff from each of the Colleges and Professional Services directorates at grade 5 and above to serve on Court.

Click here for more information on the vacancies or to get a nomination form

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