Motion: Responding to Threats of Punitive Reductions for Marking and Assessment Boycott (amended)

Cardiff UCU EGM, 28 April 2023

Cardiff University HR have announced punitive pay deductions of 100% (with a 50% discretionary payment if all other duties are fulfilled) in response to our MAB.

This is a gross over-reaction that threatens to cause serious damage to our university. If UEB attack the university’s staff, they attack the university itself.

For the purposes of:

  1. forcing UEB to withdraw their punitive deduction policy
  2. providing legal backing to participants in the MAB who are not prepared to continue working for a 50% discretionary payment, and
  3. showing solidarity with our members who are affected by deductions,
  4. forcing UEB to use its influence with the employers to re-start negotiations in the 4 fights,

The branch resolves:

  1. To call 5 strike days during our graduation week 17-21 July 2023.
  2. To call additional strike days to coincide with confirmation and clearing, including Clearing Open Day, around A-level results day on 17 August 2023.
  3. To call strike days during Welcome week 25-29 September 2023.
  4. To call an indefinite strike in the interim if we deem that Cardiff University HR have not withdrawn their policy of punitive deductions.

We will call these off if we deem that Cardiff University HR have withdrawn their policy of punitive deductions or our dispute on pay and conditions draws to an end.

Votes on the amendments: 73 for (78%), 7 against (8%), 13 absentions (14%) (out of 93 votes). The amendments pass.

Votes on the amended motion: 69 for (87%), 2 against (3%), 8 abstentions (10%) (out of 79 votes). The amended motion passes.