Cardiff Uni Fat Cat Day, 23rd January 2020: The day by which our VC will have “earned” the same as his lowest-paid workers get in a year:

It’s that time of the year again. When workers across the country can celebrate their very own Fat Cat Day: the day when the CEO, President, Chairperson or Vice-Chancellor has earned in a few days (in some cases, minutes or hours) what the lowest-paid members of staff earn in a year.

Given the widespread use of casual contracts at Cardiff University, it is fair to say that we should have celebrated Vice-Chancellor Riordan’s Fat Cat Day a few seconds into the new year.

With regard to more regular contracts, our VC Colin Riordan, who is currently on a cool £266,000 per annum excluding pension provisions (or £728.77 per day) and other perks, will surpass the annual earnings of the those on the lowest point of Cardiff University’s pay scale – at Point 2, the annual gross salary is £16,420 (or £44.99 per day) – at noon on 23 January 2020. Congratulations Colin!