Cardiff UCU New Executive Committee 2019/20

We’ve now elected our new executive committee for the year 2019-20, and we’re again pleased to see such a big group of committed, skilled, and knowledgeable members stepping up to steer our branch. The new committee will take up office at the beginning of the next academic year.There’s still one vacancy for Vice-President, which we’d love to fill, ideally with a female member to help us counter the current gender imbalance on the committee.

If you’d like to put yourself forward, or find out more, then drop into the office, or email

We’re only ever effective because of the commitment of local activists willing to put in the hours to act on everyone’s behalf.

Ryan Prout

Paul Brennan


Chris Graves

Simon Wood

Phil Parkes

Membership and recruitment secretary
Luzia Dominguez

Equality and diversity officer
Abyd Quinn-Aziz

Anti-casualisation officer
Renata Medeiros Mirra & Rowan Campbell (job share)

Health & safety officer
Andy Skyrme

Learning representative
Josh Robinson

Pensions officer
Dave Atkins

Environmental officer
Paul Rock

Media and communications officer
Andy Williams

Staff wellbeing officer
Nick Russell

Disability representative
Irina Erchova

LGBT Officer
Clea Rees

Ordinary members
Colin Berry
Marc Bühner
Adam Errington
Michelle Huws-Thomas
Esther Muddiman
Clea Rees
Lucy Riglin
Steven Stanley
Martin Weinel