Executive Committee

Executive Officers 2021 – 2022

President: Lucy Riglin

Vice President: Renata Medeiros Mirra

Vice President: Marc Buehner

Chair: Esther Muddiman

Treasurer: Phil Parkes

Secretary: Ryan Prout

Membership/Recruitment Secretary: Luzia Dominguez

Equality and Diversity Officer: Abyd Quinn Aziz

Anti-Casualisation Officer: Rachel Beaney

Health & Safety Officer: Andy Skyrme

Learning Representative: Joey Whitfield

Pensions Officer: Dave Atkins

Environmental Officer: Paul Rock

Media and Communications Officer: Vacant

Policy Officer: Vacant

Staff Wellbeing Officer: Nick Russell

Disability Representative: Vacant

LGBT Officer: Sofia Gameiro

Organising Co-ordinator: Mark Aston

Wales Higher Education Sector Committee Member (HESC)

Chris Graves – Secretary to Wales HESC

Ordinary Committee Members 2021 – 2022

Graham Getheridge

Chris Graves

Colin Berry

Paul Brennan

Ryan Davey

Martin Weinel

Patrick Sutton

Chris Yewlett (Retired)

Co-opted Committee Members 2020 – 2021

Up to 6 members may be co-opted by the executive committee.

Negotiating Committee

Members of the executive committee will be elected to the negotiating committee at the executive committee’s first meeting of 2020-21.