Current Local Issues Under Discussion with Management and/or Being Monitored at April 2016

Issue Current Position
Performance Development Review (PDR) In dispute: Management implementation being monitored.
Maternity Leave Cover and Redeployment.


UCU believes that staff covering for maternity leave, etc., should have access to redeployment in appropriate circumstances.
Collective Consultation on Ends of Fixed-term and Relevant Factor Contracts UCU is requesting staggered consultation periods in line with month-by-month potential end dates, rather than a single composite consultation period for three-month cohorts of potential end dates.
Shared Parental leave The University’s Equality and Diversity Committee has agreed a UCU request to review the Shared Parental Leave policy during the summer of 2016
Status of PG Tutors UCU has requested (1) a review of the status of PG tutors (workers vs. employees), and (2) ongoing discussions about standardisation of rates of pay for PG tutors.
Restructuring Proposals UCU is representing staff in consultation meetings re. restructuring in several Schools and the Professional Services
Christmas Closure Period


Management have disregarded long established custom and practice in the professional services by refusing to confirm closure at 12 noon on the final day of work before the Christmas Closure Period. This position has been taken without negotiation.
USS Scheme Funding UCU is seeking Management support to press the USS Board to look at the available evidence and adopt a different and more reasonable interpretation of this evidence when setting the approach to scheme funding for the 2017 triennial valuation.
Charter & Statutes Grievance Process UCU is seeking joint development of guidance for staff, managers, and HR on informal and formal grievance processes relevant to academic staff
Facilities time for Trade Union Reps


UCU would like senior management to make it clear to Heads of Schools / Directorates that union activity is valued, and that the normal expectation is that staff are to be supported in engaging in official union activities.
Environmental Issues The University will save money by not making National Insurance contributions on the car parking fees and we have made it clear that we wish these savings to be spent on sustainable transport in line with the Positive Benefits mechanism. UCU has been promised regular meetings regarding environmental matters and further meetings on sustainable transport and salary sacrifice schemes in the near future.
Disputes Resolution Procedure UCU is proposing specific amendments to the Recognition Agreement to clarify the disputes resolution process for University