Cardiff UCU Covid-19 Working Lives Survey – Report of Findings (July 2020)

Summary of Results: 

  • Work has become more challenging for 75% of members surveyed, with workload reportedly increasing for the majority (46%), and 43% of members reporting their workload was not manageable. Of those whose workload has increased, the majority (61%) report an increase of between 1 and 10 hours per week.
  • 51% of members report they cannot do their job without working unreasonable hours and are unable to maintain an acceptable work-life balance.
  • 48% of members were not satisfied with their wellbeing, health and safety at work during the first two months of lockdown.
  • Worsened mental health is a challenge for a majority (53%) of members, and is more of a challenge than physical health.
  • The biggest single challenge for members is digital/online/remote working (23%).
  • Of those members with parenting (42%) or caring (13%) responsibilities, working whilst parenting increased their work, stress and feelings of guilt. Those with small children (pre-school and primary school) seem to be in the majority of whose work has been the most negatively affected by the lockdown.
  • Members who have more than one young child, those whose children have additional needs and those who have parenting responsibilities as well as other caring responsibilities, and single parents or those whose partner is a front-line worker (e.g. NHS) seem to be suffering the most.

Please find below a download link containing the full report:
Cardiff UCU Covid-19 Working Lives Survey – Report of Findings (July 2020)

1 thought on “Cardiff UCU Covid-19 Working Lives Survey – Report of Findings (July 2020)

  1. I think that this is a good general snapshot, but my feeling is that the situation is actually getting worse. We all recognise the challenges that the current situation has brought to us all, including our University. These times need careful consideration of attainable goals and clear strategic thinking.

    However, in my experience I can see none of that occurring rather we appear to be trying to deliver “business as usual”, but faster. We seem to be experiencing an uncoordinated rush to deliver everything now and at the same time, as if one can make up for previous delays and make financial savings by shortening all of the deadlines and off loading responsibilities. As a consequence workloads are approaching the point of critical failure. Senior management need a clear strategic plan that everyone buys into, not a knee-jerk panic response.

    Wellbeing is about supporting all staff through these difficult times, not offloading your desk onto everyone else on a Thursday evening and then switching off your email on a Friday, until Saturday. What about realistic objects that can be delivered in the time available?

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